Croydon perspectives by Glenn Foster Photography

This limited addition photograph is made up of two hundred and fifty seven images of Croydon. It has taken three months to photograph and six weeks in post production to digitally cut out each image separately, layer and merge them, building Croydon Perspectives from the ground up. My aim was to capture the multiformity of Croydon and what it has to offer architecturally. Having spent my whole life living in the Borough I have seen the changes and developments over many years, this has inspired me to capture Croydon as it stands now.

This image has a file size of just over 17 gigabytes. It is by far the biggest image i have ever made, to give you an idea of the printable size of the image if printed at full resolution it would be as long as a Croydon tram and about three times the height of one!

The sky is a panorama taken from Addington Hills view point overlooking Croydon's skyline, the sky alone is thirty-six separate images blended together in post production.  

This image is available to order, there will only be ten limited edition prints at a size of 240cm by 90cm. 


Price £2450


please contact me via e-mail for any details: