Welcome to Glenn Foster Photography’s online portfolio.

My name is Glenn Foster, I am a self-employed freelance photographer. My home is with my wife and our four legged friend in south-east London. Although based in south-east London I love to travel, I photograph all over the world in a personal and professional capacity. I first fell in love with photography as a child when I was given a Kodak camera by my parents, I found the whole process exciting, hunting for things to photograph and the anticipation of what they were going to look like when they returned from the developers.

Since then I have studied photography and have had some amazing experiences working with some great people.

 I cover many areas of photography including: 

  • Weddings, parties and events

  • Corporate/business websites and brochures 

  • Promotional shoots 

  • Editorial photography

  • Child, pet, family and professional portraits

  • Band and concert photography

  • Landscapes and wildlife (personal and commissioned)

Whatever I am photographing I like to get to know my clients, listen to there ideas, find out what they want to create and what style of imagery would work best, it's important to me to understand exactly what your vision is so i can use my knowledge and experience to turn your ideas into images.

If you would like to contact me please email me here

If you would like to see to see some of my personal work (and probably some photos of my dog), take a look at my flickr gallery here.